Helene Spork
vergaderzaal amsterdam
Pand KW9 te Amsterdam

My Dream

I was sent a photo of KW9. I immediately knew. This is it. My dream place. Where I want to live and work, to take care of and to share with others. And that’s how it went. I want to share KW9 with everybody who doesn’t want to sit in a soulless space, nor do coaching in a bleak office and who wants to have full freedom to connect. For someone who wants to work in a place that feels familiar, but not as home, and who enjoys spontaneous encounters.

The Rooms

“I feel it when I enter, the house that welcomes people, who awakens the creator in one, and time and again gives that strong sense of togetherness"


Do you want to do something at KW9? Coaching, training, organize a fun event? Once in a while, or maybe quite often? Then I will gladly make an appointment with you. Because KW9 isn’t ‘just a place’. It is important for me to meet you and let you taste the comings and goings at KW9.

Have you already joined KW9, you can log in here and book a room.

In the spotlight


Maarten Emmelkamp
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Lara Manqui
Empowerment workshop trainer for women.  Passionate about helping you create a life full of hope, strength and prosperity. Founder of Flourish.


Energetic Leadership I
This masterclass is designed for leaders, who are looking for the shortest way to a sustainable business. Those who have space for the concrete and measurable, but also for everything that it’s not. Those who can and want to connect heaven and earth. And who want to use it in their business.