KW9 is powered by:

Helene Spork, Founder and entrepreneur in heart and soul

She welcomes you at KW9 with coffee, tea and full attention. She writes flamboyant blogs and gives the only training in the wonders, that will become visual in your annual account.
More about that:, and

Gill Marsman, Chief Operations and Events

Off course we already had roped Gill in as native English speaker to translate our websites, but as of 1 February she can also be found at KW9 four days a week. She welcomes you, makes sure that everything is running smoothly and is also the strength behind the organization of our events.


Brenda Jaartsveld, Chief Digital Stuff

She transforms Helene's ideas and messages into the websites so that they are readable for you and without Helene having to know anything on how digital stuff works, great!

Mirella van Pol, Chief Special Projects

When Mirella arrives on Monday morning, the carpet beater is at hand to get rid of the dust, the porches are well cleaned, and the roof terraces transformed into bright outdoors. After that KW9 is ready for business.

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