Here you can speed date with various trainers who work at KW9: you see them, you get some keywords for free, and when you click on their name, you will get on their website.

Helene Spork

I stand beside you, whatever preoccupies you, and take out of my well filled suitcase of life experiences just that specific tool, that with one bash everything disappears that is unnecessary, and that the beauty that lies beneath can be released.

Coach in personal and interpersonal leadership.
Trainer in cultural awareness and bridging cultures.

Coach and psychologist. She shows you in 3 sessions why things don’t go as you may had hoped for, through a different perspective than you already thought.

Works with new age entrepreneurs who are finished with marketing tricks, and who want to venture from a new self-consciousness. Accompanies ‘Nieuwetijds Ondernemers’ circles. Within 1 day she clarifies your magical business.

I am Ben. I am a coach. I aim for quick results, love no nonsense, and a challenging approach. I master several interventions and therapy’s, for example hypnosis, NLP and Time Line.

Inge is an enthusiastic coach. Her accompaniment is personal and result oriented. She has an open and curious attitude. She comes quickly to the core of the matter. Inge works from the ‘here and now’ and she uses what’s needed to get someone on the move.

Joke Plaatsman accompanies and inspires people to a self-conscious, authentic and loving life. She teaches you to within your own unique way, shape your life, relationships, intimacy and work. This is how you will create your joy of life and to do what you deep down inside yearn for.

Agatha Andela

Recognizes and reinforces your strength and essence. Coach of intervision processes, registered supervisor LVSC Coach.

Maarten Emmelkamp

To have a look at what really works, with the focus on authentic behavior, for more joy and success in life and work.


Coach and Mindfulness trainer
empowers you to effectively tackle your stress and career issues
down to earth | curious and committed | solution-oriented

Helping people flourish in work and career is what I am passionate about. My work style as a coach, trainer
and consultant is result-oriented, stimulating
and sometimes confrontational,
but also involved, positive and honest.

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