Here you can speed date with various trainers who work at KW9: you see them, you get some keywords for free, and when you click on their name, you will get on their website.

​When you make a business plan and execute it in 3D, then linear growth is very logical and maybe you are quite happy with that. But if you are up for more spectacular things, then sign up for​
Beyond Business as usual

Chantal Samson

Coach and Mindfulness trainer
Empowers you to effectively tackle your stress and career issues
down to earth | curious and committed | solution-oriented
Motto: Don’t dream your life. Live your dreams.

Senior lecturer at the Voiceovercollege, voice director and voice coach.

Janneke Jonkman

Creative writing
Prose course
Top class
Writing workshops

 Marlous Klomp

Marlous is a life coach, Mindfulness and Heartfulness trainer. She has a gift to faultlessly tune in at where you are. For anybody who is stuck, and is struggling in relationships, divorce or at work, and who wants to get balance back in their life through the power of Mindfulness.

 Martine & Lies

Studio M&L/Martine Jansen en Lies Hijdra. NLP, Coaching, Mindfulness, Energetic, Experienced, Humor, Passion, Connecting.

 Ozair Paixão

Ozair is a passionate, experienced language trainer. Under her guidance you don’t only learn the best and effective Portuguese, but you also experience the culture. Her teaching method is achievable for everyone; quick, result orientated and is adjusted to your level.

 Ux Academy

In a 3-day training at Ux Academy you can learn to make user friendly websites and apps.

 Lara Manqui

Empowerment workshop trainer for women. Passionate about helping you create a life full of hope, strength and prosperity. Founder of Flourish.

 Vanessa Smith

Coach - Storyteller - Intuitive
Vanessa is Certified as a Life Coach in 2004, and having worked with clients intuitively for nearly 20 years, my approach is down to earth, specific, and strategic, with the goal of you walking away feeling better, hopeful, and more connected to yourself...all with a plan toward creating the life you want! 

Marja Godvliet

Builds communities & organizes great workshops and events for starting entrepreneurs. Founder of WE-club.

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