About KW9

“Do you want some recommendations from clients? That’s quite normal to ask.

“But I can also just show you what people write and spontaneously say about KW9?”

Thank you so much for your hospitality Helene!

Everybody was very enthusiastic.

Bye, Yvonne

Thanks to Helene the sun shines the whole day at KW9.


Every day, again and again, she creates a wonderful and relaxing climate to work in.


Both for me as for my clients.


My favorite working space…. Already for more than 7 years!

Ad Aarts

Thank you so much dear Helene!

Once again it was super!

Today Helene is in the spotlight! Since 1,5 years I with great pleasure give job training in this beautiful location near to the Central Station. Sometimes in life you come across a real gem like this place. Should you need a (coaching) location, then I can really recommend Helene’s KW9!
Bas Klein Geltink

Thank you very much for your hospitality and trust!

Kind regards,


Helene the owner of KW9 and contact person for booking rooms, is very pliable and always looks for possibilities instead of impossibilities, whenever a problem occurs or should you quickly need a room. I always feel welcome and can fulfill my work.

Hein Hendriks

Training at KW9
NLP instituut,
Roderik Kelderman 

Dear Helene,

Thank you once again for the fantastic room. 

It was super!



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